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Something I’ve Been Thinking About

Western cultures love a good epic that explains things. We really do. It all really starts with the Greeks and their fixation with Homer's Illiad and Odyssey. Of course, the Greeks saw themselves as the descendants (spiritually if not physically) of Odysseus and Achilles. They were living out that heroic tradition. When the Romans needed to connect their own… Continue reading Something I’ve Been Thinking About

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5 Cities that Ruled the World – FINAL REVIEW

I have no doubt that Douglas Wilson is a good man, and possibly even a great theologian and teacher. He has pastored Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho, for many years; he is on faculty at New St. Andrews College; and he as debated Christopher Hitchens. All that being said, his most recent book 5 Cities… Continue reading 5 Cities that Ruled the World – FINAL REVIEW