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Vestigial Theology

Have you ever gotten to the bottom of a cup of coffee and taken that last swig only to encounter a mouthful of coffee grounds? Is there anything more surprising than expecting a beverage in your mouth and discovering what essentially amounts to bitter-tasting dirt? Those of us who came out of established (and sometimes… Continue reading Vestigial Theology

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You cannot say you believe something until you are willing to accept it in the void. What do I mean by the void? There are a lot of rational reasons to believe in lots of things. There are often a lot of rational reasons not to believe. Sometimes there are lots of things we don't know -… Continue reading Believe

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Break Away from the Myths

Myths are powerful things. They are stories that might have some grounding in truth but are usually expanded far beyond their original scope. They drive and control the lives of those who accept them as fact without considering whether they align with reality. Recently, I sent a link to this article from Jon Nicol about worship… Continue reading Break Away from the Myths

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Worship Manifesto, post 2

Worship can be found in all of these things, to some extent, but worship's core is the person of Jesus Christ. At the very core of worship must be the gospel - that Jesus Christ is God in the flesh, come to redeem and restore all of creation.

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Insanely Simple: ONE

ONE Things don't get much simpler than that. God is ONE. Theologians want to make God ultra-complex. They spend years trying to figure God out, to fit him in a philosophical box. But God is ONE. That is the ultimate simplicity, and the beginning of our journey toward simplicity. The answer to our big theological… Continue reading Insanely Simple: ONE

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How Do You Read the Book of Esther?

On Tuesday mornings, there is a ladies' Bible study that meets in the teen center - right next to my office. Most Tuesdays, I don't get into my office until later in the day, but this week I was there because I had a hospital visit that got pushed up. I had a chance to… Continue reading How Do You Read the Book of Esther?

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The Spotlight Is On You!

The guys who lead music for our congregation (it's mostly men, and we don't have a "worship leader") are not like this, but here ya go: Many of us have wound up in services where the worship leader was either over emotional or way, way too friendly (in a Rock Hudson meets Liberace at Elton John's place… Continue reading The Spotlight Is On You!