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Social Media in the Ancient World

I am currently reading an advanced copy of Tom Standage's Writing on the Wall. It is an interesting look into the way human beings have communicated in groups over the years. We often think of social media as an innovation of recent years, but when you look at human history, it becomes obvious that we have used… Continue reading Social Media in the Ancient World

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Social Media

I have been using social media sites to communicate with a broad audience more and more over the past couple of months. When my friend Darin stopped posting on his blog, I was not totally sold on the idea. I think there is a time and a place for the long format blog even in… Continue reading Social Media

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A Crazy, Connected World

I was sitting at my computer, making stupid jokes on people's status updates when I realized that I have a web of interlocking relationships that baffle my mind. FACT: I met our music director and his wife when they were in 11th grade at a Christian school and then reconnected with them twelve years later… Continue reading A Crazy, Connected World