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Is There Anything Worse than Cancer?

It is pointless - with no value or reason or perceivable purpose. Cancer twists DNA and cellular function without cause or goal. It destroys and corrupts. It is faceless biological anarchy that attacks at random, without even the intelligence to know the harm it does. Medically speaking, cancer is a collective term for a broad… Continue reading Is There Anything Worse than Cancer?

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A Theology of Violence

In the United States, violence is something that used to happen to someone else. It was something reserved for urban areas and gangsters or third world countries and oppressive regimes. But in the midst of the suburban American dream, violence was something you observed on television or in the newspaper. All of that has changed… Continue reading A Theology of Violence

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In Genesis 11:1-10, the Genesis author provides an explanation for the profusion of languages in the world. Whether you belong to a tradition that interprets this historically or not, you have to admit it is a pretty good explanation. It emphasizes universal humanity. All nations are united in constructing the tower and the city (vv… Continue reading Babel

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We’re Not Designed for This

So, here's a scenario for you. Say that you are a thirty-three year old female diagnosed with thyroid cancer. You have your thyroid surgically removed, but there is no way to remove all of the tissue so the recommended course of treatment is to receive radioiodine treatment. You go to the hospital and while you're… Continue reading We’re Not Designed for This

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7 Deadly Thoughts

I was chatting with someone this week, and they mentioned that this teaching series turned them around from the brink of suicide. I figured any series that God used to do that is worth reiterating. You can read the online study guide posts here or download the entire booklet as a PDF.