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Preach As If the Scriptures Mean Something

James MacDonald recently posted "Five Things We Do Instead of Preach." I won't reiterate the points he made, all of which are valid. I once had a pastor tell me that he was too busy to prepare sermons, which was why he bought and borrowed series from well-known ministries rather than write his own. Sure, he… Continue reading Preach As If the Scriptures Mean Something

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At Bedford Road, we finished up Luke 5 yesterday. To be honest, I am still a little surprised that it took me so long to work through the chapter but there is just so much depth to these first encounters with Jesus. The way Jesus turned these people's lives around, and then he encounters a… Continue reading IKON


Irreverent Homily

This is a repost of an article I wrote back in 2009, addressing the problem of preaching. Since I grew up in a pastor's home, I got to hear a lot of good preaching. Unfortunately, I heard an awful lot of terrible preaching as well. My dad and I would often analyze a preacher's approach… Continue reading Irreverent Homily

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7 Deadly Thoughts

I was chatting with someone this week, and they mentioned that this teaching series turned them around from the brink of suicide. I figured any series that God used to do that is worth reiterating. You can read the online study guide posts here or download the entire booklet as a PDF.