Things We Shouldn't Discuss

My Bill Clinton Confession

Many of my uber-conservative friends cannot stand former president Bill Clinton. I understand why. He committed acts of immorality and adultery; he let power go to his head; he was (and is) a staunch liberal on social issues and foreign policy. I get it. I don't agree with his politics. I don't like the way… Continue reading My Bill Clinton Confession


Piper Palin – Cutest Politically Involved Kid EVER!

How can you not love this kid? When I was candidating for the pastorate at Heritage Baptist (where I currently pastor), one of the ladies joked that she was going to vote for my daughter and if I came along with her, well she could live with it. I wonder if that's how Sarah Palin… Continue reading Piper Palin – Cutest Politically Involved Kid EVER!