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Learning Exercises (ugh!)

One of the key reasons I don't do conferences is that inevitably someone wants you to do some kind of "learning exercise." I am a high-brain, verbal learner which means that I learn best by taking in information and teaching others, and most "learning exercises" do nothing for me. At the Biblical Imagination Conference we… Continue reading Learning Exercises (ugh!)

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“To Be With God”

Heaven. That place where you go when you die. First, you stroll through the pearly gates and meet St. Peter, then you get a crown and a mansion and can eat all you want. There's a temple and lots of holy people around, angels singing from the clouds. You get a harp. It's great. Of course, that image is entirely wrong. Oh, some of it is in the Scriptures, but the way we perceive it and the way it will truly be are two different things.

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Quoting Jesus Out of Context?

Yesterday, I watched Brian McLaren present his view of the Gospel as “Your kingdom come to earth.” Brian is one of my favorite heretics. His beliefs are heavily influenced by deconstructionist views of Scripture, and always appear to be foundationally sound at first. Unfortunately, his presentation often obscures his view of Scripture. His view of… Continue reading Quoting Jesus Out of Context?