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You cannot say you believe something until you are willing to accept it in the void. What do I mean by the void? There are a lot of rational reasons to believe in lots of things. There are often a lot of rational reasons not to believe. Sometimes there are lots of things we don't know -… Continue reading Believe

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Nobody Here But Us Sheep

Let's consider the times Jesus referred to his kingdom as sheep. Jesus really tackles this idea in John 10: As his sheep, we hear his voice and recognize his authority over us (v 2) We follow him only (vv 3-4) We do not follow the voices of strange shepherds (v 5) He protects us as… Continue reading Nobody Here But Us Sheep

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Real Marriage: Part 3 – Men and Marriage

You know, for a book on "biblical marriage" there isn't a lot of Biblical exegesis in here. The Driscolls do eventually get to the Scriptures when talking about marriage as a covenant instead of as a contract, and I thought that section of this chapter was decent. Only three chapters in and it is fairly… Continue reading Real Marriage: Part 3 – Men and Marriage