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How to Listen to a Sermon

This morning, I want to encourage you to head over to Justin Taylor's blog and read on "How to Listen to a Sermon".


Irreverent Homily

This is a repost of an article I wrote back in 2009, addressing the problem of preaching. Since I grew up in a pastor's home, I got to hear a lot of good preaching. Unfortunately, I heard an awful lot of terrible preaching as well. My dad and I would often analyze a preacher's approach… Continue reading Irreverent Homily

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Check What the Preacher Says!

Hey, I'm a preacher. But I'm also a human being, and sometimes I make mistakes. I am not going to get into a long-winded diatribe on everything that can go wrong in extreme fundamentalism, but I happened to watch one of Pastor Scott Anderson's videos. Pastor Anderson is the pastor of Faithful Word Baptist Church… Continue reading Check What the Preacher Says!

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I’m Feeling Pretty Intimidated

Sunday night, I started doing my preliminary reading of Luke's Gospel. This year, we're going to do something a little different for Advent and Easter, incorporating the two seasons into a single teaching series from that Gospel. We haven't come up for a title for the teaching series yet, but the idea is to create… Continue reading I’m Feeling Pretty Intimidated

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A Video That Is (Unintentionally) About Preaching

Something worth hearing. Preachers tend to make our dialogue one of questioning rather than one of declaring. We are free to question man's wisdom; but we should confidently declare God's.    

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Thinking about Preaching, post 1

My co-laborer and friend, Darin Shaw, has started posting a series of thoughts called "A Preacher on Preaching" highlighting some of his thoughts on sermon preparation and delivery. (You can catch some thoughts here and here.) I thought I would do a sort of parallel series of posts from my perspective on the topic. Diversity… Continue reading Thinking about Preaching, post 1