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The Necessity of Silence

At the beginning of every training session, most budoka will have a time of silence known as mokusou (黙想). The purpose of this silence varies from dojo to dojo, but at its heart mokusou is about silencing the distractions and thoughts that crowd our minds and keep us from making good decisions. Most of what is asked… Continue reading The Necessity of Silence

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Praying in God’s Theater

What roles do the Scriptures play in your prayer life? This is a question that I am not sure many Christians, especially those of the evangelical traditions, consider very carefully. We read our Bibles. We pray. But do these things intersect? Most prayer that I encountered as a pastor's kid was what I call laundry list… Continue reading Praying in God’s Theater

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Eleven Things You Need to Understand about Your Pastor

Lyn Swenson is one of our dear friends and a veteran of decades of ministry in Japan. He is a member of our congregation and a voice always worth hearing. This Sunday, after the worship gathering Lyn handed me a newsletter from First Baptist Church, Portland, Maine. The newsletter included something that Pastor Keith Moore… Continue reading Eleven Things You Need to Understand about Your Pastor

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Praying for the Church

This past Sunday, I mentioned that we are part of something bigger than ourselves, and I reminded everyone that we should not only be praying for Bedford Road but also for the other congregations in our area. Some are large, and some are small - but all are Christs. Here's just a few of the… Continue reading Praying for the Church


Facing the Powers

What follows is a raw documentation of the confrontation between Christ and what I believe to be demonic powers. There are many even in the Church who would say that there is no such thing as demonic power and control anymore (if they acknowledge its existence at all). I think this is a very foolish… Continue reading Facing the Powers