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Don’t Give In, part 5

Just Be Cool. Nothing is less cool than making people conform to something they did not think of themselves. They're going to respond much better to a form of pastoring that starts with what they want and then builds around them. What is really cool is that we focus more on appearances and feelings. That… Continue reading Don’t Give In, part 5


Don’t Give In , part 2

Might as well give people what they want. Sure. Most people are bored in most churches. But if they are going to a traditional, predictable church then at least they know they can depend on the pastor to show up at their house routinely and any time they want to just talk and talk, they… Continue reading Don’t Give In , part 2

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My Advice to Future Pastors

I am in my tenth year as a solo pastor. In that time, I have led our congregation through a lot of changes. Our first Sunday together, I candidated for a down and out congregation that had just moved into a newly renovated space. They had already offered the pastorate to someone else, who had… Continue reading My Advice to Future Pastors

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Cult of Personality

Last year, Rob Bell wrote a controversial book on who goes to heaven and who goes to hell. Then he resigned his role as teaching pastor at Mars Hill Bible Church. Now, his successor Shane Hipps is resigning because the megachurch is falling apart and the board has decided to reorganize, placing the teaching pastor¬†under… Continue reading Cult of Personality

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Review – When the Word Leads Your Pastoral Search

I don't know the statistics, but there are a lot of churches looking for pastors. Since the average tenure of a pastor is around two to three years, then the average church will go through a search three or four times every decade. Since there are tens of thousands of churches in North America, of… Continue reading Review – When the Word Leads Your Pastoral Search