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Don’t Give In, part 1

For years, I have tried to challenge the status quo and call people to do the difficult work of truly living according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But I have decided there is really no point to it. I have faced too many challenges and resistance, so I have decided to just put my… Continue reading Don’t Give In, part 1

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Sometimes We Just Get Tired

I will be frank with you, there are some activities that don't weary me. They might make me sore physically or challenge me mentally, but I can walk away refreshed and invigorated. But there are also a lot of things that just wear me out. One of those things is relational ministry. Don't get me… Continue reading Sometimes We Just Get Tired

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The Vision Killing Quick Order Menu

Introduction I actually wrote this list a few years ago, when a friend of mine was struggling with some issues in his congregation. It is meant as a satire, but it is poignant nonetheless. Too often, these kinds of human objections limit the power of the Holy Spirit to direct a congregation. The Vision Killing… Continue reading The Vision Killing Quick Order Menu


What Is a Real Pastor?

This was on, and I thought it was worth considering. I’ve been reading Alan Hirsch & Tim Catchim’s Permanent Revolution on my way over to London & then the Middle East. It’s really good. I still think Alan’s Forgotten Ways must be read - it has tons of stuff that can’t be missed. He… Continue reading What Is a Real Pastor?

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The Church Celebrity

I have previously blogged on the danger of celebrity and the pitfalls that pastors and church leaders may fall into when the Christian media machine gets a hold of you. Lately (I think spurred on by Mark Driscoll's most recent book and his rockstar persona), there have been a lot of posts about Christian celebrity.… Continue reading The Church Celebrity