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Jesus Freak – 20 Years Later

The summer of 1996 was a peculiar time for me. For the first time in my life, I started to take my faith seriously and really ask whether I would stick with the Christian thing or move on to something else. I had spent the spring working like a dog at both college and work (I went… Continue reading Jesus Freak – 20 Years Later

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Our Trip to Israel in January

We were privileged to spend a couple of weeks in Israel with the Biblical Imagination team. Our church family and a number of friends we have met over the years helped us get there - a blessing to our entire family. After we got back, we tried to show people the pictures but we had hundreds… Continue reading Our Trip to Israel in January

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Singing Theology

In November, I will be teaching a series called "Singing Theology." We will be talking quite a bit about music and worship. Over the years, my thinking on this issue has swung back and forth a bit. On Sunday, our congregation sang people's favorite hymns. Generally, we worship using music from many different ages. We… Continue reading Singing Theology

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The Content of Worship

Recently, someone showed me a "new worship song". They were so excited about the way it made them feel closer to God. The "new worship song" opened with a pretty, melodic piano piece and was then followed by a single phrase - something like "I want to see you" - repeated five or six times… Continue reading The Content of Worship

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The Blues

When I was learning the guitar, my dad had a whole bunch of blues tablature books. There were some modern players like Jeff Beck and Jerry Garcia, but most of his books were about acoustic, finger style blues. I cut my teeth on stuff like "Black Snake Moan" by Lemon Jefferson and old, old Mississippi… Continue reading The Blues

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Music Flashback

This is from November 2010, right before the merger. It is interesting in a couple of ways - not just how the stage and band has been shuffled and reformed but also the congregation that is gathered (although we can only see the backs of people's heads). I love our musicians and cannot wait until… Continue reading Music Flashback

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Raise Your Voices

Worth watching and considering.