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OzLand and Faith

When you get most of your television viewing through services like Netflix and Amazon Video, you watch things that you would not normally think about watching. The independent film¬†OzLand is one of those things. I have actually enjoyed many of the independent science fiction films I have watched on Amazon, such as the curious but… Continue reading OzLand and Faith


Lion King 3D

[YouTube=] We took our daughter to see Lion King this week. Since the only regular showing was at 11:45am, we had to watch it in 3D. Nichole and I are not big fans of 3D - it gives us headaches. But the reviews of the 3D were good, so we took a chance. It cost… Continue reading Lion King 3D

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The King’s Speech

It is hard to imagine what it must have been like for King George VI. He was never intended to be king, but when his elder brother Edward VIII (whom the family called David) chose his marriage to a twice-divorced American woman over the throne, George (whom the family called Bertie) was thrust upon the… Continue reading The King’s Speech

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Greatest Gunfight Sequences of All Times

I want to open this post by saying that violence is not the answer to your problems. Movie gunfights are incredible spectacles and in my opinion an art form. That does not mean that this is the way we should deal with things in real life. That being said, I love a good action movie.… Continue reading Greatest Gunfight Sequences of All Times

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Top 5 Westerns of All Time

I have been posting quite a bit of serious stuff the last month or so. Today, I thought I'd do something for fun. Some of you know that I am a movie nut. I love to watch them. One of the lost genres of film is the western. There hasn't been a really good western… Continue reading Top 5 Westerns of All Time