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Worth Reading had a great article on the vulnerability of pastors. Worth reading.

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Sometimes We Just Get Tired

I will be frank with you, there are some activities that don't weary me. They might make me sore physically or challenge me mentally, but I can walk away refreshed and invigorated. But there are also a lot of things that just wear me out. One of those things is relational ministry. Don't get me… Continue reading Sometimes We Just Get Tired

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Resource for you iPastors

I love my iPad, and with Apple making a large fortune on the new iPad launch (nearly $2 billion in the first weekend), there are clearly a lot of other people who love the iPad as well. Some people love them too much. If you're a pastor who uses an iPad, drift on over to iPad in… Continue reading Resource for you iPastors

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Insanely Simple: ONE

ONE Things don't get much simpler than that. God is ONE. Theologians want to make God ultra-complex. They spend years trying to figure God out, to fit him in a philosophical box. But God is ONE. That is the ultimate simplicity, and the beginning of our journey toward simplicity. The answer to our big theological… Continue reading Insanely Simple: ONE


What Is a Real Pastor?

This was on, and I thought it was worth considering. I’ve been reading Alan Hirsch & Tim Catchim’s Permanent Revolution on my way over to London & then the Middle East. It’s really good. I still think Alan’s Forgotten Ways must be read - it has tons of stuff that can’t be missed. He… Continue reading What Is a Real Pastor?


Most Underwhelming Change Ever?

The NFL's Carolina Panthers have updated their logo in what has to be one of the most underwhelming changes I have ever seen. One of the team's executives said it was a necessary update for "ever-increasing digital use." I am still trying to figure out how this change really does much of anything for the… Continue reading Most Underwhelming Change Ever?

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A Strong Woman

Yesterday, during the message I noted that the Philippian church was started with women, and that among them was one particularly strong woman named Lydia. All too often, people assume that Christianity is a male-dominated faith, but in reality, women have played crucial roles in its development at every stage. Jesus’ mother Mary played a… Continue reading A Strong Woman