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Restraint or Enabling?

Without the integrity of the game, what do you have? A bunch of big, strong, angry men who have reached their breaking point. Jackie MacMullan, ESPN Boston Last night, the Patriots lost to the Ravens. Make no mistake - the Patriots lost that game. They had a couple crucial errors in pass coverage that allowed… Continue reading Restraint or Enabling?

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Really? The Most Ludicrous Thing I’ve Read Recently.

The internet is a place where you can find just about anything you want. If you're looking for someone to write an article advocating something ridiculous, you are sure to find it; but usually you will find it somewhere obscure. Unless you're reading Huffington Post and you want an absolutely ludicrous view on marriage. Then… Continue reading Really? The Most Ludicrous Thing I’ve Read Recently.


Pretty Cool

I found this interesting site called wordle where you can make graphics out of sets of words. I added our church to it, and this is what I got. It basically randomizes the list of words you give it and then spits out a graphic based on the number of times words appear. I think… Continue reading Pretty Cool