Logos 4 Mac, v 4.3

I have documented my adventures with Logos Bible Software and their most recent Mac program, Logos 4 Mac. If you have been a longtime reader of this site, then you know that I was one of the earliest adopters of Logos 4 Mac. I purchased it right around the time it was advertised as being publicly… Continue reading Logos 4 Mac, v 4.3


Logos 4 Mac Giveaway

You all know my grand adventure with Logos 4 Mac. As it turns out, the β (beta) versions keep getting better and better. We're on β 7 right now, and it has become my primary tool. I haven't even started Logos 1.2 since the first beta came out a couple of weeks ago. Now, they're… Continue reading Logos 4 Mac Giveaway


Logos 4 Mac Goes into β (Beta)

A couple of weeks ago, Logos Bible Software announced that Logos 4 Mac is finally into β (beta) testing. Those of you who read my blog know my frustrations with the α (alpha) of this program. I love Logos, and I've used it for nearly twenty years (that in itself is a staggering thought); but… Continue reading Logos 4 Mac Goes into β (Beta)


Logos Starts to Take Shape (α 22.1)

It has taken 22 builds, but Logos 4 Mac is finally operating like an actual Bible study program. The notes function still is not available, which means I still have to use a word processor to keep my notes, and it is still sluggish, but at least it is useable. In order to get α… Continue reading Logos Starts to Take Shape (α 22.1)


My Frustration with Logos 4 Mac

It isn't often that I complain. Ok, maybe I complain a lot - but if I do, it is because things that should work simply don't and there is no excuse for it. In November of last year, I paid $100 to upgrade my Logos 1.2 for Mac and 3.0 for PC to the much-hyped… Continue reading My Frustration with Logos 4 Mac

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Logos for Mac

Recently, I bought an old Mac G4 off ebay. I have always wanted a Mac to play with, and the price was just too good to be missed. For the past week or so, I have been playing around with it and trying to acclimate to the Mac interface. Thus far, I love what I… Continue reading Logos for Mac