Flowing Water

Psalm 42 pictures the world of the Banias River, one of the three sources of the Jordan River. The Banias rises in the Golan Heights, near the site of ancient Caesarea Philippi, and flows through what is now a National Reserve. It is possibly the most beautiful spot in Israel. The Banias has several beautiful cascades… Continue reading Flowing Water

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Eleven Things Pastors Should Remember about People

Last week, I reposted a list of eleven things you need to know about your pastor. I wanted to follow that list up with some things that pastors need to remember about the people of their congregations. As a pastor, whose vocation is the ministry of the gospel, it is easy to forget that not… Continue reading Eleven Things Pastors Should Remember about People

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Tom Wright on the Resurrection

That the disciple of Jesus taught his resurrection was a revolutionary concept. Here is Tom Wright, former Bishop of Durham and one of the foremost New Testament scholars of our day, explaining why the resurrection must be true. "The only way you can explain why christianity began and why it took the very precise shape it was… Continue reading Tom Wright on the Resurrection

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Herod Antipater

There are a lot of Herodians in the Gospels and Acts. It gets pretty confusing if you're not keeping a score card. Herod the Great and His Kids They all descend from Herod the Great, who the gospel of Matthew says was ruling as King of the Jews when Jesus was born. He died in 4-3… Continue reading Herod Antipater

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Theories as Facts

Among students of the Scriptures, it is often hard to discern the theories from the facts. Someone in one generation develops an idea, and the next generation - who learned the idea in their college classrooms - teaches it as fact. Nowhere is this better illustrated than the theory of the "historical Jesus" which fuels… Continue reading Theories as Facts

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The Sad State of Biblical Literacy

I was once told by a fellow pastor, "I don't teach deep stuff. I just preach Jesus." That sounds great on a surface level, doesn't it? Let's just preach Jesus because He is after all the Savior of mankind, right? If people believe Him, then they can sort everything else out eventually, right? Wrong. Jesus… Continue reading The Sad State of Biblical Literacy

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Some Background on Gedara and the Windstorm

Jesus' encounter with the demonic forces on the Lake Gennesaret (Sea of Galilee) occurs as he is trying to get to the region of Gedara. The name of the city itself means "border country" and it is essentially the eastern edge of Jewish influence. Beyond Gedara was the Decapolis, an entirely new municipality founded by… Continue reading Some Background on Gedara and the Windstorm