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How Android Could Beat iOS

Google has finalized their $12.5 billion merger with Motorola, and if Google is smart, they will pull their licensing of the Android operating system and do an Apple. They will release Android 5.0 on a Google-owned and Google-manufactured device like Apple does with the iPhone. Why? Simplicity. Right now, Android developers have to write software… Continue reading How Android Could Beat iOS

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Resource for you iPastors

I love my iPad, and with Apple making a large fortune on the new iPad launch (nearly $2 billion in the first weekend), there are clearly a lot of other people who love the iPad as well. Some people love them too much. If you're a pastor who uses an iPad, drift on over to iPad in… Continue reading Resource for you iPastors

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Blogging Platforms for iOS and the iPad

Over the past couple of months, I have been exploring the various blogging platforms for iOS. I do a lot of blogging, and my primary use for the iPad is a portable blogging platform. That means I need a solid platform to work with. Unfortunately, the offerings available when I first got my iPad were… Continue reading Blogging Platforms for iOS and the iPad