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Innovate Church – Perry Noble

What can I say? Perry Noble ROCKED! I seriously do not know where to start. He said so many great things that I cannot choose a highlight. Perry spoke from Luke 15, the story of the Prodigal Son. But he looked at the ‘other brother’ and compared him to so many churches and leaders. It… Continue reading Innovate Church – Perry Noble

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Innovate Conference – Mark DeYmaz

Mark was the one speaker at the conference that I was really looking forward to hearing from. Perhaps my expectations got too high. I was disappointed with his session. I think the biggest disappointment was that he presented information rather than really engaged the group. Maybe it was just that it was after lunch. He… Continue reading Innovate Conference – Mark DeYmaz

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Innovate Conference – Eric Geiger

A couple of guys from our church team and I are down in Lynchburg, Virginia, for Innovate ‘09. We are intentionally not going to every session because I think there’s just too much going on to actually be able to absorb it all. Yesterday, we heard Eric Geiger, co-author of Simple Church. Both of the… Continue reading Innovate Conference – Eric Geiger