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Theories as Facts

Among students of the Scriptures, it is often hard to discern the theories from the facts. Someone in one generation develops an idea, and the next generation - who learned the idea in their college classrooms - teaches it as fact. Nowhere is this better illustrated than the theory of the "historical Jesus" which fuels… Continue reading Theories as Facts

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Allow me to interrupt your interruption

Bart Ehrman annoys me to no end. Don't get me wrong. I love reading his books most of the time. He's one of my favorite apostates. (And I use this term in the correct Greek sense. It means "to stand away from.") What annoys me about Ehrman is the way he uses rapid fire statements… Continue reading Allow me to interrupt your interruption

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Book Review – The Original Jesus

I have only recently discovered the thoughts of N.T. (Tom) Wright. If you don't know who he is, Wright is an Anglican bishop who has been very active in the 'historical Jesus' debate for some time. After listening to several lectures I found on, I decided that I should check out some of his… Continue reading Book Review – The Original Jesus