Francis Chan on Hell

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“To Be With God”

Heaven. That place where you go when you die. First, you stroll through the pearly gates and meet St. Peter, then you get a crown and a mansion and can eat all you want. There's a temple and lots of holy people around, angels singing from the clouds. You get a harp. It's great. Of course, that image is entirely wrong. Oh, some of it is in the Scriptures, but the way we perceive it and the way it will truly be are two different things.

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Why Does Rob Bell Gets Under People’s Skin?

Many of the readers of this blog may not be aware of who Rob Bell is or why I say he gets under people's skin. Let me explain. Rob Bell is the teaching pastor at Mars Hill Bible Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He has written several books that have irritated people to no end.… Continue reading Why Does Rob Bell Gets Under People’s Skin?