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A Question of Faith

Recently, I spoke on Luke 8:4-18 - what is known as "The Parable of the Sower." The passage deals with the complex issue of why some people are "saved" and others are not, and as I expected there were a lot of questions about the nature of salvation. Particularly, someone asked about the meaning of… Continue reading A Question of Faith

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Wright’s The New Testament and the People of God

Thanks to a big sale at Logos Bible Software, I got four books from N.T. Wright for practically nothing. Although Resurrection and the Son of God wasn't on sale, I got the first two books of the series for less than $10. They retail for around $40. Last night I started reading The New Testament and… Continue reading Wright’s The New Testament and the People of God

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Could Jesus Have Been a Shipbuilder?

The first minute and a half or so of this clip from The Passion of the Christ is one of the most heartwarming of the entire film (mind you, this is not exactly a cuddly film). But how accurate is it? Recently, there has been a lot of controversy online about the "masculine nature" of… Continue reading Could Jesus Have Been a Shipbuilder?

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Straddling Realities

Yochanan b. Zecharyah was a Jewish teacher and prophet known to the Christian world as John the Baptist. In the gospel of Luke, he is Jesus of Nazareth's second cousin and the son of a Jewish priest. Appearing at the beginning of all four gospels and described as the "forerunner" of the Messiah and the… Continue reading Straddling Realities

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Quoting Jesus Out of Context?

Yesterday, I watched Brian McLaren present his view of the Gospel as “Your kingdom come to earth.” Brian is one of my favorite heretics. His beliefs are heavily influenced by deconstructionist views of Scripture, and always appear to be foundationally sound at first. Unfortunately, his presentation often obscures his view of Scripture. His view of… Continue reading Quoting Jesus Out of Context?