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The Life of Thomas Linacre

The full title of this book is The Life of Thomas Linacre, Doctor in Medicine, Physician to King Henry VIII, the Tutor and Friend of Sir Thomas More, and the Founder of the College of Physicians in London with Memoirs of His Contemporaries, and of the Rise and Progress of Learning, More Particularly from the Ninth… Continue reading The Life of Thomas Linacre

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How Android Could Beat iOS

Google has finalized their $12.5 billion merger with Motorola, and if Google is smart, they will pull their licensing of the Android operating system and do an Apple. They will release Android 5.0 on a Google-owned and Google-manufactured device like Apple does with the iPhone. Why? Simplicity. Right now, Android developers have to write software… Continue reading How Android Could Beat iOS

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My New Phone

Recently, I upgraded my phone. It was time. My LG enV Touch had run its course, and beside the battery giving me about 2 hours of use, it was dropping calls and not sending text messages. If you're in the business of people, not connecting with them is a big no-no. A lot of readers… Continue reading My New Phone


Playing with Google+

Over the past week or so, I have been playing with Google’s newest social network – Google+. Overall, I am impressed with its potential. The Facebook API is pretty much exhausted. Everyone with half a brain can see that Facebook needs to either reinvent itself and face the wrath of the user base or go… Continue reading Playing with Google+