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Eleven Things Pastors Should Remember about People

Last week, I reposted a list of eleven things you need to know about your pastor. I wanted to follow that list up with some things that pastors need to remember about the people of their congregations. As a pastor, whose vocation is the ministry of the gospel, it is easy to forget that not… Continue reading Eleven Things Pastors Should Remember about People

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Childlike Wonder

I wouldn't trade being the father of a little girl for anything in the world. My sister has five sons (ages 11-1), and I have a couple of friends with lots of boys. I wouldn't mind having a boy as well, but Ariel is a tremendous joy. Her friend Paige comes over a couple times… Continue reading Childlike Wonder

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In Genesis 11:1-10, the Genesis author provides an explanation for the profusion of languages in the world. Whether you belong to a tradition that interprets this historically or not, you have to admit it is a pretty good explanation. It emphasizes universal humanity. All nations are united in constructing the tower and the city (vv… Continue reading Babel

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Insanely Simple: ONE

ONE Things don't get much simpler than that. God is ONE. Theologians want to make God ultra-complex. They spend years trying to figure God out, to fit him in a philosophical box. But God is ONE. That is the ultimate simplicity, and the beginning of our journey toward simplicity. The answer to our big theological… Continue reading Insanely Simple: ONE

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Following Up on the Authority and Reading of the Scriptures

A couple of days ago, I posted about Peter Enns' book The Evolution of Adam. It was interesting to watch how people reacted to the idea that Adam might not have been a historical person. There were some great comments and discussion, and it became obvious from the start that there are two camps - a dichotomy… Continue reading Following Up on the Authority and Reading of the Scriptures

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What’s a little sarcasm amongst friends?

I have taken to reading a paragraph or two of Plato’s Symposium every morning – in Greek. The Greek is different from New Testament koine and it is so well written. If you are unfamiliar with Symposium, Plato uses the setting of a drinking party to present contrasting views of Eros or “love.” Eros has… Continue reading What’s a little sarcasm amongst friends?