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Tom Wright on Framing the Debate on Homosexuality

Once again, Tom Wright brings wisdom and reason to a hot topic. Toward the end, he addresses the Enlightenment arrogance of those who say, "We know more about homosexuality" or "We have evolved from the ignorance of the ancient world". While Wright does not come down on one side or the other in this video,… Continue reading Tom Wright on Framing the Debate on Homosexuality

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What Biblical Scholars Do

Peter Enns wrote a blog entry that I thought was worth linking to. A couple of months ago, Peter wrote a book on Genesis and the historical Adam that got the Christian blogosphere really buzzing. I wrote a couple things about it, just because I found the dialogue interesting. Anyway, here is the link to… Continue reading What Biblical Scholars Do

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In Genesis 11:1-10, the Genesis author provides an explanation for the profusion of languages in the world. Whether you belong to a tradition that interprets this historically or not, you have to admit it is a pretty good explanation. It emphasizes universal humanity. All nations are united in constructing the tower and the city (vv… Continue reading Babel

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The Creation Story of Genesis 1 as a “Temple Image”?

Out of Ur recently posted this video of Peter Enns asking readers' questions to N.T. Wright. It is not secret that I find Wright a very thought provoking writer and thinker, so I was intrigued to hear what he had to say. I'm not completely convinced that Wright gets everything right (sorry, unavoidable pun) but… Continue reading The Creation Story of Genesis 1 as a “Temple Image”?