Chicago Tribune gives us a Mention

Last week, I had an interview with Tom Breen of the Associate Press last week. A quote from the interview appeared in anarticle that got picked up by The Chicago Tribune. He called me primarily because of the way I responded to Rob Bell's book Love Wins. In a couple of subsequent articles, I discussed… Continue reading Chicago Tribune gives us a Mention

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Tessarakoste is Upon Us!

Tomorrow night at Bedford Road Baptist Church, we will begin our observance of the Easter Season! This year, we are journeying with the people of Judah as they go through the period known as the Exile. This was a very important time in the development of not just the Hebrew Scriptures and the people's identity… Continue reading Tessarakoste is Upon Us!

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Don’t Close Your Eyes, pt 1

I love music because I was raised in music. My dad is a guitar player. My sister plays piano and sings. We had bluegrass bands in our church (seriously). There was never a time in my life when I wasn't longing to play the guitar. And after I married one of the most amazingly sincere… Continue reading Don’t Close Your Eyes, pt 1

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Book Review – Real Church

::SIGH:: ::YAWN:: I really, really wanted to like Larry Crabb's book Real Church: Does It Exist? Can I find it? - I really did. And I tried hard. But ultimately, it is yet another book from yet another disillusioned Christian begging the church to be something more than it is. I found it ironic that in… Continue reading Book Review – Real Church

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Growing Together, post 1

Yesterday, both Heritage Baptist Church and Grace Baptist Church announced plans to merge the congregations into one. To say this is an awesome movement of God would be an understatement, and we are all eagerly anticipating what God is going to do through the new congregation. (Of course, this is far from a done deal… Continue reading Growing Together, post 1

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What’s a little sarcasm amongst friends?

I have taken to reading a paragraph or two of Plato’s Symposium every morning – in Greek. The Greek is different from New Testament koine and it is so well written. If you are unfamiliar with Symposium, Plato uses the setting of a drinking party to present contrasting views of Eros or “love.” Eros has… Continue reading What’s a little sarcasm amongst friends?

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Innovate Conference – Eric Geiger

A couple of guys from our church team and I are down in Lynchburg, Virginia, for Innovate ‘09. We are intentionally not going to every session because I think there’s just too much going on to actually be able to absorb it all. Yesterday, we heard Eric Geiger, co-author of Simple Church. Both of the… Continue reading Innovate Conference – Eric Geiger