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Tom Wright on the Resurrection

That the disciple of Jesus taught his resurrection was a revolutionary concept. Here is Tom Wright, former Bishop of Durham and one of the foremost New Testament scholars of our day, explaining why the resurrection must be true. "The only way you can explain why christianity began and why it took the very precise shape it was… Continue reading Tom Wright on the Resurrection

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Herod’s Temple

During the message today, I mentioned a model of Herod's temple that was built by a British pensioner. The man's name is Alex Garrard, and he spent the last thirty years constructing his model - which stretches 20 feet long and 12 feet wide. Sadly, Mr. Garrard passed away in 2010, and the model is… Continue reading Herod’s Temple

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His House: Thursday

Thursday, March 21 Ephesians 5:1-6:9 This is a long passage, and it has a lot in it; but notice that Paul brings up the word walk again. It is our walk in love, not your walk in love. It is a shared walk - a shared journey. And how does Paul describe this journey? He… Continue reading His House: Thursday

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Easter Unplugged

Our band of merry men decided to do an acoustic set for Easter this year instead of the full-blown Easter "thing." After prayer, we thought this was the way to go. It was stripped down and basic, but we really enjoyed it. A lot of folks, including a few of our guests, were blessed by… Continue reading Easter Unplugged

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The Scandal of Easter (

Written by Mark Van Steenwyk : March 18, 2008 This article originally appeared on .  I don't necessarily agree with everything, but it is worth reading. Easter is coming. On Sunday, we remember the day that our Lord wrested free from the confines of the grave. It is the day when the final Enemy,… Continue reading The Scandal of Easter (