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Herod’s Architectural Ambitions

Thanks to his partnership with Augustus Caesar, Herod became enormously wealthy. If Josephus is to believed, Herod’s wealth was truly staggering, and he put it to good use. In the broader world, he sponsored numerous buildings and improvements, and in one year even sponsored (and hosted) the Olympic Games at one of his new cities.… Continue reading Herod’s Architectural Ambitions

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Don’t Give In, part 5

Just Be Cool. Nothing is less cool than making people conform to something they did not think of themselves. They're going to respond much better to a form of pastoring that starts with what they want and then builds around them. What is really cool is that we focus more on appearances and feelings. That… Continue reading Don’t Give In, part 5


Don’t Give In , part 2

Might as well give people what they want. Sure. Most people are bored in most churches. But if they are going to a traditional, predictable church then at least they know they can depend on the pastor to show up at their house routinely and any time they want to just talk and talk, they… Continue reading Don’t Give In , part 2

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My Advice to Future Pastors

I am in my tenth year as a solo pastor. In that time, I have led our congregation through a lot of changes. Our first Sunday together, I candidated for a down and out congregation that had just moved into a newly renovated space. They had already offered the pastorate to someone else, who had… Continue reading My Advice to Future Pastors

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The Church of the Resurrection, part 1

Modern Jerusalem is quite a sight. It is a city of three-quarters of a million people, covering 48 square miles of Judaean hills. Every year, nearly 10 million tourists and pilgrims come to the city, so the city sprawls over a much greater area than would be required by the population. The air is full of… Continue reading The Church of the Resurrection, part 1

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Why Stream Video?

Recently, we bought a webcam and set it up in our worship space. It is nothing great, and the quality is not all that fantastic. Our streaming service is a free one, which means there are ads slapped at the beginning and end. (Apparently, they ran an ad for the Mormons this week - OY!) Why… Continue reading Why Stream Video?

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Please, No More Movements

Yesterday, I was watching a video about the "New Hymns Movement" and I started thinking about all of the movements that I have seen in my lifetime. There was the Church Growth Movement, the Purpose Driven Movement, the House Church Movement, the Multi-Site Movement, the Emerging Church Movement, the Praise and Worship Movement, the Gospel-Centered… Continue reading Please, No More Movements