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Putting Church in the Blender

When we started the merger process between Grace Baptist Church and Heritage Baptist Church back in 2009, our elders and I did a lot of digging and found few resources to guide us. There just wasn't much out there on church mergers, and what was out there was overwhelmingly negative. Despite this, we decided that… Continue reading Putting Church in the Blender

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Focus on the the Front Sight!

You're going to make a major shift or change at a congregation. You think you know what you want to do. That's great, but do you know what the result will be? Most people (including church leaders) make decisions because they are focused on some element of the process. They like a certain style of… Continue reading Focus on the the Front Sight!

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Growing Together, post 1

Yesterday, both Heritage Baptist Church and Grace Baptist Church announced plans to merge the congregations into one. To say this is an awesome movement of God would be an understatement, and we are all eagerly anticipating what God is going to do through the new congregation. (Of course, this is far from a done deal… Continue reading Growing Together, post 1