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Singing Theology

In November, I will be teaching a series called "Singing Theology." We will be talking quite a bit about music and worship. Over the years, my thinking on this issue has swung back and forth a bit. On Sunday, our congregation sang people's favorite hymns. Generally, we worship using music from many different ages. We… Continue reading Singing Theology

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A Deeply Troubling Moment

The Scriptures contain some very, very strange passages. There are things in the Bible that make even the most committed readers shake their heads in confusion. One of the all-time strangest passages is 1 Kings 22. Why? Just read it. Here's a little context. Ahab b. Omri became king of Israel in 873 BCE. His… Continue reading A Deeply Troubling Moment

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Break Away from the Myths

Myths are powerful things. They are stories that might have¬†some grounding in truth but are usually expanded far beyond their original scope. They drive and control the lives of those who accept them as fact without considering whether they align with reality. Recently, I sent a link to this article from Jon Nicol about worship… Continue reading Break Away from the Myths

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Worship Manifesto, post 3

Worship cannot be generated through mood lighting or great musicians because the source of worship must be the understanding (in part, 1 Corinthians 13:12) of God's glory in Jesus Christ. Worship is not of this world; it is an attribute of resurrection. Only those raised in Christ can truly worship.

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The Last Pew

Yesterday, a group of guys from the church started work on the stage to update it. Basically, we're just organizing wires and adding a couple of steps but it will make the stage more open and more "user-friendly" for the various people that are on it. Along the way, Bob (one of our elders) told… Continue reading The Last Pew

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Christian Poker Chips

One of my all-time favorite videos dealing with the absurd things sold in the gullible niche that is Christian market.

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The Danger of Christian Celebrity

One of the most important reads of my ministry life was Confessions of a Reformissional Rev by Mark Driscoll. In a time when I really needed a good old fashion kick in the can, this book was just that. Of course, when Driscoll wrote the book in 2006, Mars Hill Church was a very different… Continue reading The Danger of Christian Celebrity