Life of Pi

Last weekend, our family watched the film version of Life of Pi. I was intrigued by the story, and I knew there had to be far more to it, so I requested the book through our library's e-book system. What a fascinating book. It is not that I agree with the philosophy of the book or that… Continue reading Life of Pi

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Book Giveaway!

That's right, folks. I am going through my library and parting with some volumes. This doesn't happen very often. If you want one of the books, just leave a comment and I will contact you to get your mailing address. (I don't recommend leaving your mailing address in the comments because the spambots love unprotected… Continue reading Book Giveaway!

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REVIEW – Perelandra

Lately, I've been reading a lot of books that have nothing to do with each other. For some reason, my reading habits got unfocused. Actually, I know the reason. Someone gave me a Nook and I've been playing with it rather than just reading a book through. As a result, I have several books going… Continue reading REVIEW – Perelandra