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REVIEW – Reverberation

I have been reviewing books for most of the major Christian publishers for two years now. There have been a few decent books, but most of them have been substandard in my opinion. They are churned out because they have a guaranteed audience, with no consideration for content and a poor focus on editing. About… Continue reading REVIEW – Reverberation

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Review – At Home

Since my wife bought me A Walk in the Woods a few years ago, I have become a Bill Bryson addict. I have read every one of his books that I could get my hands on. Bryson's prose is crisp and clear; his stories always relevant and often humorous. He is possibly - and I… Continue reading Review – At Home

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Book Review – Real Church

::SIGH:: ::YAWN:: I really, really wanted to like Larry Crabb's book Real Church: Does It Exist? Can I find it? - I really did. And I tried hard. But ultimately, it is yet another book from yet another disillusioned Christian begging the church to be something more than it is. I found it ironic that in… Continue reading Book Review – Real Church

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Book Review – The Noticer

In The Noticer, Andy Andrews spins a series of parables about one of God’s messengers named simply Jones. Jones interacts with the narrator throughout the book, tying together his encounters with other people in the small town on the Gulf Coast. Jones wanders the town, disappearing for decades at a stretch but never aging. He… Continue reading Book Review – The Noticer

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Book Review – What’s He Really Thinking?

To Paula Rinehart, the relationship between the genders is a long-term, hard fought partnership. It requires the best of both male and female but must endure the worst of both as well. In her book What’s He Really Thinking?, Rinehart brings together thirty years of marriage as well as decades of counseling experience in a… Continue reading Book Review – What’s He Really Thinking?


Book Review – Notes from the Tilt-a-Whirl

From the way he writes in Notes from the Tilt-a-whirl, there is no doubt that N. D. Wilson longs to create a seminal work of postmodern prose – a work that hazes the lines among serious philosophical thought, cosmological apologetics and stream of consciousness poetry. He writes in a frenzied assault on the literary senses… Continue reading Book Review – Notes from the Tilt-a-Whirl


Radical Reformission – Chapter 1

As Driscoll pointed out in the introduction, reformission is about presenting the message of Jesus Christ in a culture. It is not enough for churches to focus on loving God and loving each other. We must love the people we reach so much that we are willing to consider the differences between our "church culture"… Continue reading Radical Reformission – Chapter 1