What Are You Building

Our congregation has seen some amazing movement lately. God has been using relationships - both old and new - to draw people into His presence at Bedford Road. This is exciting for many of us, for many different reasons. As most of our readers know, Bedford Road is the product of a merger of two… Continue reading What Are You Building

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Transgenerational Ministry, part 1

When we were originally getting started in the work that eventually became Bedford Road Baptist Church, we were doing a study curriculum that included the question, "What do you consider the ideal age?" I still remember the faces of those around me when I answered, "Fifty years old. I can't wait to be fifty." My… Continue reading Transgenerational Ministry, part 1

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Focus on the the Front Sight!

You're going to make a major shift or change at a congregation. You think you know what you want to do. That's great, but do you know what the result will be? Most people (including church leaders) make decisions because they are focused on some element of the process. They like a certain style of… Continue reading Focus on the the Front Sight!