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The City and Tower of Babel

A couple of weeks ago, we started a series called "Is That Really What It Says?" at Bedford Road. The series is basically a romp through the Old Testament (and possibly the new) dealing with some of biblical narratives that have been popularized through retelling over the years. These pop versions of the stories generally… Continue reading The City and Tower of Babel


The Conceit of Convenience

Technical fields that deal in the past - such as history and archaeology - have a necessary compression that takes place. It is an unavoidable conceit of convenience. (As far as I know, this is a new term I thought of in the car this morning.) What do I mean by conceit of convenience?  When an archaeologist… Continue reading The Conceit of Convenience

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The Ancient Past – Nimrod the Hunter

Cush fathered Nimrod; he was the first on earth to be a mighty man. He was a mighty hunter before YHWH. Therefore it is said, ‘Like Nimrod a mighty hunter before YHWH’. [Genesis 10:8-9] As we read through Genesis, there a number of these anecdotal references to individuals. The writers assumed that this information was… Continue reading The Ancient Past – Nimrod the Hunter


The Ancient Past – Adam and Eve

What was the world like before the hunter-gatherers started to settle down? Christians tend to give little thought to this idea because they assume that the timeframe between Eden and civilization was very brief. But what if it was not? I am aware that some of the ideas we present here might be a little… Continue reading The Ancient Past – Adam and Eve