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Keeping Your Head in the Cloud

I love the idea of cloud computing. Not having to constantly say, "Oh shoot! That's on the other computer!" is worth every minute of finding the right cloud service. But which is the right cloud service? There are a ton of them out there: 5. Amazon Cloud Drive I cannot figure out what Amazon is… Continue reading Keeping Your Head in the Cloud


Loss Leaders

According to, their profits are down this year. This is despite a wildly successful Christmas season? How can you be wildly successful and sell a record number of products and still come up short, profits-wise? Because Amazon is selling their biggest and best items, the Kindle lines, at a loss. The underselling of the… Continue reading Loss Leaders

Doesn't Fit in a Category

9 Things About

I remember the first time I shopped on Of course, back in 1996 all they sold was books. They even had this radio campaign about how they could never build warehouses big enough for everything they sell. literally changed the face of the retail industry in the United States. Almost singlehandedly, they brought… Continue reading 9 Things About