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Say No! to Church in a Can

Canned bread. Bread in a can... I did not believe that such a thing as a canned bread existed until someone showed it to me in their cupboard. Apparently, B&M - a Portland, Maine, based company - manufactures and cans this stuff. There are plenty of people here in New England who love it. They eat… Continue reading Say No! to Church in a Can

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Parts of the United States Most People Don’t Even Know Exist

The United States has fifty states, right? We tend to think of the United States only in terms of these states. And if we're being honest, a lot of Americans even forget about Alaska and Hawaii because they are not contiguous with the other forty-eight. But there is far more to the United States than… Continue reading Parts of the United States Most People Don’t Even Know Exist

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Mormonism is Not Orthodox Christianity

Many Christian apologists who answer Mormon doctrine do so on the basis of looking deep into their lesser known beliefs and pointing out that there is some wild stuff going on there. For example, Joseph Smith taught that Methuselah and Abraham used the urim and the thummim as magical telescopes to discover the star Kolob,… Continue reading Mormonism is Not Orthodox Christianity

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Jesus Freak – 20 Years Later

The summer of 1996 was a peculiar time for me. For the first time in my life, I started to take my faith seriously and really ask whether I would stick with the Christian thing or move on to something else. I had spent the spring working like a dog at both college and work (I went… Continue reading Jesus Freak – 20 Years Later

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God Made You Beautiful

My daughter turned nine last month. She is one crazy, smart, rhythmic kid. She got all of the best of both parents, and I have no doubt that when she grows into womanhood she is going to be outrageously, stunningly beautiful. This is both a source of great joy and unholy terror. I know how… Continue reading God Made You Beautiful

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Reading an Antitheist Former Pastor’s Blog

I have taken to reading Bruce Gerencser's blog. Bruce is a former pastor who left the pastorate in 2003, the church in 2008 and theism in 2011. He is an open and vocal antitheist who has no problem attacking Christianity, the church and individual believers. You might ask why I would read such a thing? Because… Continue reading Reading an Antitheist Former Pastor’s Blog

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A Crazy, Connected World

I was sitting at my computer, making stupid jokes on people's status updates when I realized that I have a web of interlocking relationships that baffle my mind. FACT: I met our music director and his wife when they were in 11th grade at a Christian school and then reconnected with them twelve years later… Continue reading A Crazy, Connected World