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A Theology of Violence

In the United States, violence is something that used to happen to someone else. It was something reserved for urban areas and gangsters or third world countries and oppressive regimes. But in the midst of the suburban American dream, violence was something you observed on television or in the newspaper. All of that has changed… Continue reading A Theology of Violence

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Learning Exercises (ugh!)

One of the key reasons I don't do conferences is that inevitably someone wants you to do some kind of "learning exercise." I am a high-brain, verbal learner which means that I learn best by taking in information and teaching others, and most "learning exercises" do nothing for me. At the Biblical Imagination Conference we… Continue reading Learning Exercises (ugh!)

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A Question of Faith

Recently, I spoke on Luke 8:4-18 - what is known as "The Parable of the Sower." The passage deals with the complex issue of why some people are "saved" and others are not, and as I expected there were a lot of questions about the nature of salvation. Particularly, someone asked about the meaning of… Continue reading A Question of Faith

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Blessed Nudity?

Of Dust and Kings had an excellent article on the nakedness of Adam and Eve in Genesis 2. It is worth considering since this passage is the root of so many ideas in Genesis, and it really links into some of the Torah passages that deal with sexual immorality. A good understanding of Genesis 2… Continue reading Blessed Nudity?

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In Genesis 11:1-10, the Genesis author provides an explanation for the profusion of languages in the world. Whether you belong to a tradition that interprets this historically or not, you have to admit it is a pretty good explanation. It emphasizes universal humanity. All nations are united in constructing the tower and the city (vv… Continue reading Babel