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Psalms in Worship

Yesterday, the Acoustic Gurus presented a song I wrote using Psalm 1 for lyrics. If you have a songbook with 150 different lyrics that you claim is inspired by God, why do you sing songs by less inspired authors? Like it or hate it, I think our primary source material for music should be the… Continue reading Psalms in Worship

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Picturing the Church

In the Christian Scriptures, the church is depicted in a number of metaphors and images. This varied imagery has led to a lot of crazy theology when taken too far, and not a few whacked out worship songs that I refer to as "prom songs for Jesus." Among the images we have in the Scriptures… Continue reading Picturing the Church

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Straddling Realities

Yochanan b. Zecharyah was a Jewish teacher and prophet known to the Christian world as John the Baptist. In the gospel of Luke, he is Jesus of Nazareth's second cousin and the son of a Jewish priest. Appearing at the beginning of all four gospels and described as the "forerunner" of the Messiah and the… Continue reading Straddling Realities