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A Field to Be Harvested

You quite literally can't read the Hebrew Scriptures without encountering harvests of every size, shape and color. Since Palestine was a highly agrarian region for most of its history, harvests loom large. They define offerings and sacred holidays in the Torah. The barley and wheat harvests in particular defined the rhythms of life and even… Continue reading A Field to Be Harvested

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Nobody Here But Us Sheep

Let's consider the times Jesus referred to his kingdom as sheep. Jesus really tackles this idea in John 10: As his sheep, we hear his voice and recognize his authority over us (v 2) We follow him only (vv 3-4) We do not follow the voices of strange shepherds (v 5) He protects us as… Continue reading Nobody Here But Us Sheep

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Love Your Enemies

In the midst of terrorism and presidential elections (and sometimes I am not sure which people take more seriously), remember that historically human government has opposed the work of the Church far more often than government has supposed us. Rather than complaining about the way the government makes life difficult, the followers of Christ should… Continue reading Love Your Enemies

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Straddling Realities

Yochanan b. Zecharyah was a Jewish teacher and prophet known to the Christian world as John the Baptist. In the gospel of Luke, he is Jesus of Nazareth's second cousin and the son of a Jewish priest. Appearing at the beginning of all four gospels and described as the "forerunner" of the Messiah and the… Continue reading Straddling Realities

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Chosen (Reading the Steve Jobs biography)

Abandoned. Chosen. Special. Those concepts became a part of who Jobs was and how he regarded himself. (Steve Jobs, Walter Isaacson) I know that sometimes it must seem like I obsess about Steve Jobs and Apple products, but there is something fascinating about their story. While Nichole was in surgery, I bought the Kindle edition… Continue reading Chosen (Reading the Steve Jobs biography)

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A Covenant Membership

At Bedford Road, we welcome everyone to worship with us. We believe that seeing God's people worshiping him is the greatest possible testament of the Gospel. That being said, we do invite people to take a step of unity and community in becoming voting members of the congregation. Personally, I wish there was a better term… Continue reading A Covenant Membership

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REVIEW – Reverberation

I have been reviewing books for most of the major Christian publishers for two years now. There have been a few decent books, but most of them have been substandard in my opinion. They are churned out because they have a guaranteed audience, with no consideration for content and a poor focus on editing. About… Continue reading REVIEW – Reverberation