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Revisiting the History

This November will mark my 14th anniversary as the pastor of Heritage Baptist Church (2004-2010) + Grace Baptist Church (2010) = Bedford Road Baptist Church (2010-Present). This remarkable journey continues to amaze me. That means that sometime in 2020, I will pass Pastor Paul Schultz as the longest serving pastor of either of the original… Continue reading Revisiting the History

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BIG Does Nothing for Me

According to the Hartford Institute for Religious Studies, here are the top ten largest churches in the United States: Lakewood Church, 43,500 (Joel Osteen) LifeChurch, 35,000 (Craig Groeschel) Fellowship Church, 24,000 (Ed Young, Jr.) Willow Creek Community Church, 23,400 (Bill Hybels) North Point Community Church, 23,375 (Andy Stanley) Second Baptist Church, 22,700 (Edwin Young, #3's… Continue reading BIG Does Nothing for Me

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Check Out the Podcast

If you don't already to our message podcast from Bedford Road Baptist Church, you should grab it. You can download messages directly from the site or subscribe to them on iTunes.

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New or Better?

Jony Ive, the mastermind of design at Apple, had this to say about Apple's competition and why they fail to make designs with the same kind of hook that Apple makes:  Most of our competitors are interested in doing something different, or want to appear new — I think those are completely the wrong goals.… Continue reading New or Better?

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The Last Pew

Yesterday, a group of guys from the church started work on the stage to update it. Basically, we're just organizing wires and adding a couple of steps but it will make the stage more open and more "user-friendly" for the various people that are on it. Along the way, Bob (one of our elders) told… Continue reading The Last Pew

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Resurrecting Churches

I have to say that I really enjoy reading Kurt Willems' blog over at Pangea. I have been reading it for the past couple of weeks and while I don't necessarily agree with his perspective on some things, he gives you something to talk about. Reasons for Planting Churches Kurt is an Anabaptist and currently… Continue reading Resurrecting Churches

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The Church Celebrity

I have previously blogged on the danger of celebrity and the pitfalls that pastors and church leaders may fall into when the Christian media machine gets a hold of you. Lately (I think spurred on by Mark Driscoll's most recent book and his rockstar persona), there have been a lot of posts about Christian celebrity.… Continue reading The Church Celebrity