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Keeping Your Head in the Cloud

I love the idea of cloud computing. Not having to constantly say, "Oh shoot! That's on the other computer!" is worth every minute of finding the right cloud service. But which is the right cloud service? There are a ton of them out there: 5. Amazon Cloud Drive I cannot figure out what Amazon is… Continue reading Keeping Your Head in the Cloud

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iPhone’s Fifth Birthday

Kevin Roose has some things to say to iPhone and Apple. It is quite humorous, especially his graphics. Check it out. If you don't know who Kevin Roose is, he wrote the book Unlikely Disciple, and as a result has something of a cult following in the Christian realm. To the rest of the world, he… Continue reading iPhone’s Fifth Birthday

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My New Phone

Recently, I upgraded my phone. It was time. My LG enV Touch had run its course, and beside the battery giving me about 2 hours of use, it was dropping calls and not sending text messages. If you're in the business of people, not connecting with them is a big no-no. A lot of readers… Continue reading My New Phone

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Never Make Decisions Under Pressure

Yesterday, my computer completely freaked out. She has never been the same since "The Great Coffee Spill of 2011" but after $400 of work, I thought we had everything all set. Then she just went nuts. She started scrolling indiscriminately, and suddenly she reported that she did not have a battery installed. (All my tools… Continue reading Never Make Decisions Under Pressure

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Do not fear the ‘tech’

Thanks be to God, we have here neither free schools nor printing presses, and I hope we will not have any for a hundred years, for education has sent into the world doubt, heresy and sectarianism, and the printing press has propagated, in addition to all these evils, attacks against governments! -Sir William Berkeley (1605-1677),… Continue reading Do not fear the ‘tech’

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Adventures with Evernote

It took me awhile to grasp the power of Evernote. When our Alpha Geek, Doug, first recommended it to me, I tried it out but it did not do much for me. it was not until I started using my iPad as my primary mobile computing device that I truly discovered Evernote's value. Thanks to… Continue reading Adventures with Evernote