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Don’t Be a Bible Know-It-All!

Recently, I saw someone post on Facebook about the Hebrew verb יסף (ysf). This is a pretty common word in the Hebrew Scriptures. It is the root of the name Joseph (יוסף), but as a verb it appears over 200 times. This particular Bible Know-It-All argued that a particular English translation intentionally violates the text… Continue reading Don’t Be a Bible Know-It-All!

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Social Media in the Ancient World

I am currently reading an advanced copy of Tom Standage's Writing on the Wall. It is an interesting look into the way human beings have communicated in groups over the years. We often think of social media as an innovation of recent years, but when you look at human history, it becomes obvious that we have used… Continue reading Social Media in the Ancient World

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Help Me Reach 50,000 Views

So, I am really close to 50,000 views. I went through my historically most viewed articles, and I was blown away by the diversity of the posts. There's no rhyme or reason to why these particular ones are more popular than any others, nor is there any reason that my article on the regionalization of… Continue reading Help Me Reach 50,000 Views

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Technology and Faith: 12 Precautions

Ed Stetzer considers some of the dangers of technology in ministry. What do you think?

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Guy on a Buffalo

Recently, I happened upon one of the greatest series of YouTube videos and I just had to share. They are drawn from a 1978 film called "Buffalo Rider" but the bluegrass band Possum Posse has mashed up clips to original tunes. The result is "Guy with a Buffalo" and it is worth fifteen minutes of… Continue reading Guy on a Buffalo

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An Open Letter to Teens on Social Networking

This came up on Zite during my reading this morning (Zite is an iPad app that aggregates blogs and news feeds based on your interests), and I thought it was worth sharing. I read it on Social Media Today where it was reposted by Joellyn Sargent, but the actual letter appeared on her site Fresh… Continue reading An Open Letter to Teens on Social Networking