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Algonquians at Harvard?

In 1650, the General Court of Massachusetts chartered Harvard College because "many well devoted persons have been, and daily are moved, and stirred up, to give and bestow, sundry gifts, legacies, lands, and revenues...that may conduce to the education of the English and Indian youth of this country, in knowledge and godliness..." [Emphasis added] By 1656, Harvard… Continue reading Algonquians at Harvard?

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Hermann Sprengel’s Pumps

In 1858, a twenty-four year old man named Hermann Sprengel graduated from the University of Heidelberg. As soon as he could, he abandoned his German homeland and settled in England and becoming a British citizen. After working in a couple of different places in and around London, he settled down as a chemist in Kennington.… Continue reading Hermann Sprengel’s Pumps

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Thomas Linacre

Thomas Linacre, physician to King Henry VIII; a man of Greek and Latin and yet very learned in the field of medicine. He restored the aged and the sick, and even the lost soul. He translated many of the Latin works of Galen with a unique elegance. Shortly before his death, at the request of… Continue reading Thomas Linacre

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Aetios the Eunuch

It is time once again for PEOPLE YOU'VE NEVER HEARD OF WHO CHANGED THE WORLD! Today, let's look at Aetios the Eunuch. In medieval Constantinople, eunuchs often played important roles in the operation of the imperial court. They were considered pure, although in reality they were often power-hungry and greedy. Aetios was no exception. Throughout… Continue reading Aetios the Eunuch

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It is time for another person you've never heard of who changed the world. This week, let's look at Flavius Arbogast (died 364 CE). In 380 CE, a Roman general named Magnus Maximus was declared emperor by his armies in Britain. He sailed his armies to Gaul and defeated the sitting western emperor Gratian and… Continue reading Arbogast

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Chandragupta II

Welcome back to the series - People You've Never Heard of Who Changed the World. Who has ever heard of Chandragupta? The Guptas ruled over what is known as the Golden Age of India and Chandragupta II was one of the most important rulers of the Gupta empire. He ruled India for 38 years (375-413… Continue reading Chandragupta II

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Julian the Apostate

Welcome to our new Thursday posts - People You've Never Heard of Who Changed the World. History is an interesting study. Since it is often written by the victorious party, the losers are rarely known. Cumulatively, this means that hundreds of major historical people are almost completely unknown. These characters are the subjects of this… Continue reading Julian the Apostate