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Is There Anything Worse than Cancer?

It is pointless - with no value or reason or perceivable purpose. Cancer twists DNA and cellular function without cause or goal. It destroys and corrupts. It is faceless biological anarchy that attacks at random, without even the intelligence to know the harm it does. Medically speaking, cancer is a collective term for a broad… Continue reading Is There Anything Worse than Cancer?

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Hermann Sprengel’s Pumps

In 1858, a twenty-four year old man named Hermann Sprengel graduated from the University of Heidelberg. As soon as he could, he abandoned his German homeland and settled in England and becoming a British citizen. After working in a couple of different places in and around London, he settled down as a chemist in Kennington.… Continue reading Hermann Sprengel’s Pumps

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Is Religion (Merely) a Natural Phenomenon?

Here are some interesting thoughts on the natural capacity for belief in the supernatural. Not sure what I think about it yet.