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Social Media in the Ancient World

I am currently reading an advanced copy of Tom Standage's Writing on the Wall. It is an interesting look into the way human beings have communicated in groups over the years. We often think of social media as an innovation of recent years, but when you look at human history, it becomes obvious that we have used… Continue reading Social Media in the Ancient World

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A Fascinating Look into Medieval England

I love medieval history. I know that makes me weird. It's ok.Once, my father brought one of his friends up to New Hampshire to visit me. While sitting in a diner, my dad says, "Joe, ask him what he does with his free time." His friend looked at me. I told him, "I study medieval… Continue reading A Fascinating Look into Medieval England

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Washington Irving and the American Consciousness

It is a wonder to me that most Americans have no clue who Washington Irving was. Along with a very small group of writers - among them Edgar Allen Poe and James Fenimore Cooper - he was one of the first American writers to receive international acclaim. Sir Walter Scott and Lord Byron were fans.… Continue reading Washington Irving and the American Consciousness

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Book Giveaway!

That's right, folks. I am going through my library and parting with some volumes. This doesn't happen very often. If you want one of the books, just leave a comment and I will contact you to get your mailing address. (I don't recommend leaving your mailing address in the comments because the spambots love unprotected… Continue reading Book Giveaway!


My Two Favorite Books on Ancient Israel

If you're wondering where I get a lot of the information that I share about the Late Bronze Age and Israel, it is from William Dever. Dr. Dever was the professor of Near East Archaeology and Anthropology at the University of Arizona, and is currently Distinguished Professor of Near Eastern Archaeology at Lycoming College in… Continue reading My Two Favorite Books on Ancient Israel

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Know the Agendas

I am re-reading Steven Sample's book, Contrarian's Guide to Leadership which my friend Rob gave to me several years ago. Sample is the current president of USC and a former president of SUNY-Buffalo, and a very successful leader in business. One of the points that Sample makes is that he surrounds himself with a small… Continue reading Know the Agendas

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Concluding Thoughts on REAL MARRIAGE

I have been remiss in my task of reviewing Mark and Grace Driscoll's book Real Marriage. I apologize for not getting the sections of the review out, but I have had a lot going on lately. Last night, I finished up reading the book and I think I am missing something. Everyone was talking about… Continue reading Concluding Thoughts on REAL MARRIAGE