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Technology and Faith: 12 Precautions

Ed Stetzer considers some of the dangers of technology in ministry. What do you think?

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A Little Bit About Galilee

Sunday, I taught the latter half of Luke 4. After Jesus leaves his hometown of Nazareth, he travels to the town of Capernaum where he casts out the spirit of a defiling demon, heals a fever and spends an evening healing people before heading south toward Judea. All of these place names can get very… Continue reading A Little Bit About Galilee

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Go Deeper!

Ed Stetzer recently wrote in Facts and Trends that the "Elephant in the Church" is the lack of robust disciple-making. He writes: Many churches are now rediscovering ways to push more depth from the Sunday morning stage, better ways to assimilate the crowds into small groups and discipling relationships, more organic ways to nurture spiritual… Continue reading Go Deeper!

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I’m Feeling Pretty Intimidated

Sunday night, I started doing my preliminary reading of Luke's Gospel. This year, we're going to do something a little different for Advent and Easter, incorporating the two seasons into a single teaching series from that Gospel. We haven't come up for a title for the teaching series yet, but the idea is to create… Continue reading I’m Feeling Pretty Intimidated

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The Missing Video

On Sunday, I had this video to prep the congregation for the Ye'kwana words for we.¬†Unfortunately, our media computer decided that it wanted to ground out and ruin the entire thing. (Naturally, we were able to fix it after the service.) Here is the video from Clint Vernoy - a missionary friend currently in Paraguay… Continue reading The Missing Video

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A Video That Is (Unintentionally) About Preaching

Something worth hearing. Preachers tend to make our dialogue one of questioning rather than one of declaring. We are free to question man's wisdom; but we should confidently declare God's.    

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Worship in a Web 2.0 World

Whilst browsing the internet, I found an interesting post on the subject of using your smartphone during worship. What I thought was intriguing about the post was that the comments were divided between those who felt mobile devices were a distraction and those who felt they were just part of life. At Bedford Road, it… Continue reading Worship in a Web 2.0 World