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Now, Go and Research That

Although aikido was founded by Morihei Ueshiba before World War II, it has been refined and developed by a number of his students into various styles. The style I practice is called Tomiki Aikido after one of Ueshiba's pre-war students, Kenji Tomiki. Tomiki Sensei studied judo under its founder Jigoro Kano before studying with Ueshiba, and after… Continue reading Now, Go and Research That

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Abusing History in Bible Teaching

As a student of history and the Bible, I often find myself telling people to learn the background and context of things before making definitive statements. As of late, however, I am discovering that the only thing more dangerous than ignorance of historical context is the abuse of incomplete knowledge of history. People who develop… Continue reading Abusing History in Bible Teaching

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Writing a Sermon

Every once in awhile, someone will ask me how I prepare for a Sunday message. Over the years, I have used a lot of different approaches; but the one I prefer is to work inductively from the text. I work slowly, and it usually takes me about 25 hours per week to prepare for a… Continue reading Writing a Sermon

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End of Sermon

There have been a couple of times over the years that I've ended the message on Sunday with "end of sermon." This is as much a signal to myself as it is to the congregation. It tend to ramble on a bit, and I have to tell myself to stop talking. We all have some… Continue reading End of Sermon

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The Sad State of Biblical Literacy

I was once told by a fellow pastor, "I don't teach deep stuff. I just preach Jesus." That sounds great on a surface level, doesn't it? Let's just preach Jesus because He is after all the Savior of mankind, right? If people believe Him, then they can sort everything else out eventually, right? Wrong. Jesus… Continue reading The Sad State of Biblical Literacy

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Viciously Contend for the Faith?

My friend and brother in Christ, Eric Davis shares some thoughts on the way extreme fundamentalism often becomes exactly what it was started to oppose. Check it out here.

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