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Lame Men at the Table of the King

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Learning Exercises (ugh!)

One of the key reasons I don't do conferences is that inevitably someone wants you to do some kind of "learning exercise." I am a high-brain, verbal learner which means that I learn best by taking in information and teaching others, and most "learning exercises" do nothing for me. At the Biblical Imagination Conference we… Continue reading Learning Exercises (ugh!)

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Childlike Wonder

I wouldn't trade being the father of a little girl for anything in the world. My sister has five sons (ages 11-1), and I have a couple of friends with lots of boys. I wouldn't mind having a boy as well, but Ariel is a tremendous joy. Her friend Paige comes over a couple times… Continue reading Childlike Wonder

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It Is Time to Step Away

Ministry is a difficult life. It is not just a job; it is not just a lifestyle; it is not something you can just put down or count as unimportant when it isn't convenient. At the same time, there are moments in the minister's life when he must walk away. Sometimes you walk away permanently,… Continue reading It Is Time to Step Away


Awkward Silences in Prayer

Research shows that on average, Americans cannot stand silences in conversation that are longer than four seconds. At about 3.5 seconds, we start to think, "This is awkward" and we come up with something - anything¬†to talk about. This fact was driven home to me on a 35 hour cross-country drive a couple of weekends… Continue reading Awkward Silences in Prayer

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Praying for the Church

This past Sunday, I mentioned that we are part of something bigger than ourselves, and I reminded everyone that we should not only be praying for Bedford Road but also for the other congregations in our area. Some are large, and some are small - but all are Christs. Here's just a few of the… Continue reading Praying for the Church

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Stop Being a Chokepoint, pt 2

Because I have been trying to be more aware of chokepoints in our congregation's ministry, it has become even more obvious to me that I have become a chokepoint for far too many people. Just this week, I noticed that people look to me for direction in areas as diverse as what parts of the… Continue reading Stop Being a Chokepoint, pt 2