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The Necessity of Doubt

Yesterday I blogged a video of Peter Enns defending his view of Genesis 1-3. Jason, an online friend of mine, blogged on a conversation that has been going on between Enns and Kevin DeYoung over DeYoung's opposition to Enns' book. I have watched the whole interchange with peripheral glances since the matter really doesn't mean… Continue reading The Necessity of Doubt

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Being a Missionary Kid

I have some long distance friends living in Paraguay. In fact, they are sort of a clan of friends. It starts with Clint and Rita Vernoy, who were missionaries to the jungles of Venezuela for years before being ousted by Venezuela's dictator - I mean mob boss - I mean "president" Hugo Chavez because he… Continue reading Being a Missionary Kid

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Repost: Dealing with “issue Christians”

Ed Stetzer added a post worth reading. Every pastor has to wrestle with the fact that some Christians just don't belong in some congregations. We like to see numbers, but numbers aren't as important as vision. The reality of life is that the people Stetzer calls "issue Christians" appear in the Scriptures. In fact, their… Continue reading Repost: Dealing with “issue Christians”

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Chokepoints, pt 3

I enjoy reading Michael Hyatt's blog. Recently, he posted on the subject of saying "No" and I thought it fit very well with what I have been writing about chokepoints. Particularly, check this out: Every time I say “no” to something that is not important, I am saying “yes” to something that is. I might… Continue reading Chokepoints, pt 3

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Hey, Rob Bell Wrote a Controversial Book!

You may not have noticed, but here are some people who have. These are just the links from the last day or two. The book was released on Tuesday and has been flying off the shelves. announced on their website that due to the controversial nature… Continue reading Hey, Rob Bell Wrote a Controversial Book!

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Praying with a Question Mark…

My friend and good brother, Darin Shaw, made a very profound statement the other day at our pastor's fellowship. He recounted it at his blog, Interactive Sermons: the pastor's prayer meeting, I don't know if I heard one actual question as we prayed.  If there were a transcript of our prayer time, it's likely… Continue reading Praying with a Question Mark…

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Guest Blogging at The King James Only Debate

A couple of weeks ago, I did a guest blog series over at The KJV Only Debate. This is a site run by a colleague at RE:fundamentals, Bob Hayton. Essentially, it is an overview of my thoughts and evaluations of some of mainstream translations of the Bible. I don't get into the Bible version debate… Continue reading Guest Blogging at The King James Only Debate